Newsletter: Emily Rasmussen

Director: OPEN

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Program Booklet: John Wieland

Secretary: Diana Enciso

Director: OPEN

President: Zac Olson

UW Oshkosh IMA Student Chapter Representatives

Secretary: Martha Paalman

Regional Rep: Bill Ramsay

President Elect: Rick Bellmore
Interim President: John Wieland

Liason with Lakeland: Patti Denton

Director - CMA Program: Mayur "Mo" Ranpara
Employment: Gayle Brown

Advertising: Rick Bellmore

Public Relations: Gary Streich

Community Service: Kyle Baldwin

Website and Roster: Martha Paalman

Mid America Council Representatives

Membership Development

Professional Education

Communications & Community Service

Member: Emily Rasmussen

Member: Kristin Hubertus

Member: Curt Esser

Director: Martha Paalman


Treasurer: Gayle Brown
Secretary: Linda Geiger
Vice President: Mayur "Mo" Ranpara

General Administration

Current Officers and Board of Directors