VP Administration

Chapter President

Principal activities are to:

  • Maintain records of board meeting attendance.
  • Take minutes of board meetings. Send minutes to President for review and approval. Convert document to PDF. Distribute minutes to board members.

Primary Job responsibilities are to support the president when needed and step in when they are not available. Also to prepare for the upcoming year that you will be president.

Director of Meetings

The chapter president is responsible for leading and supporting the activities of the chapter. The VP of Administration shadows and observes the president while in training to take on the presidency the next year. The VP of Administration will learn about the chapter operation and other leadership abilities to be an effective leader while president. The president works with other chapter and board members on a variety of administrative and operational tasks throughout the year.

Some specific duties include:

  • Coordinating the off-season planning for the upcoming chapter program year
  • Calling board meetings, preparing the agenda, and running the meeting in accordance with (modified) rules of order
  • Overseeing the annual budget process with the chapter treasurer and obtaining required board approvals for specific expenditures
  • Reviewing and approving meeting minutes taken by the chapter secretary
  • Ensuring the chapter meets all required deadlines for Global reporting as listed on the Chapter Portal
  • Communicating all necessary updates and information to the chapter board


Winnebagoland IMA Board Position Descriptions


The chapter treasurer’s main duties and responsibilities include:

  • Ongoing cash management – Deposit funds (if applicable) from monthly meeting revenue, annual advertising campaign, or other sources. Prepare and distribute requests for disbursements.
  • Monthly Financial Reports – Prepare the financial reports for the prior month for review at the monthly board meeting.
  • Annual Budget – Prepare the annual budget for review and approval by the board during the summer board meetings. The preliminary budget is based off the most recent year’s activity and adjusted based on the upcoming year’s activities.
  • Annual Financial Report – Prepare the annual financial report for IMA Global no later than the last business day in November for the fiscal year ended June 30th. This report is submitted online.
  • Annual tax-exempt Reporting – Submit Form 990N online no later than November 15th confirming ongoing tax-exempt status

The Director of Meetings leads the Meetings Committee, a board sub-committee tasked with the planning, coordination, and execution of all chapter technical meetings and special events. The tasks of this committee can be grouped into four main categories, each of which can be performed by multiple members of the committee:

Attendance and CPE Reporting:
• Track member attendance at meetings and report earned CPE credits to Global IMA
• Time speaker presentations to ensure accurate CPE reporting
• Distribute CPE certificates to attendees as requested
• Manage attendee nametags and seating assignments (when relevant)

Event Registration/Treasurer Backup:
• Create and manage EventBrite registration sites
• Prepare reconciliation of receipts and attendance for Treasurer
• Manage discount codes and annual subscription reporting
• Coordinate payment of meeting meal/venue expenses
• Act as a backup for Treasurer at events s/he cannot attend

Speaker/Venue Coordination:
• Facilitate speaker and venue selection and confirmation during summer planning
• Coordinate final confirmation of speaker and venue for each monthly meeting
• Manage thank you card/speaker payments and other chapter meeting supplies
• Report headcounts and communicate with venue and speaker as needed to keep the evening moving

Survey Coordination:
• Create, collect, and analyze meeting surveys for each meeting
• Coordinate the distribution and analysis of the annual membership survey in May